Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching for Anxiety

Do you ever feel worried, overwhelmed, or anxious? Do you avoid certain social situations or events because they trigger anxiety? Are these feelings of Anxiety impacting your life, work & relationships?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Joseph Costello is a Hypnotherapist NLP Life & Mind Coach. He helps people to resolve anxiety disorders, build their inner resources and become emotionally stronger, so they feel mentally relaxed and physically calmer. You can live the life you deserve!

About Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response in the body and a signal that something is out of balance on an emotional and physical level. We live in a culture of busyness with little time to relax and recharge the body.

Many issues contribute to anxiety: childhood experiences, trauma, low self-esteem, fear of the future, pressure to succeed, unhealthy eating, drinking, drug taking, not feeling good enough, and the stresses of modern day living.

I can help with generalised anxiety and panic attacks, anxiety attacks,  social anxiety and social phobia, and severe anxiety. I can teach you how to manage anxiety effectively, create new behavioural patterns, shift your way of thinking. I can help you to feel much more in control, mentally calmer and physically relaxed.


Anxiety Coaching - Joseph Costello

Anxiety Hypnotherapy & NLP Can Change Your Life

A common question I am often asked is “Does Hypnotherapy & NLP work for anxiety?” Since anxiety is a natural state it’s not about removing anxiety from your life but instead changing your thoughts, patterns and behavioural habits to gain a new perspective on yourself and the world around you. This is why I combine hypnotherapy with NLP, coaching and mindfulness as this allows success on different levels – calmness, emotional intelligence, inner strength, and strong inner resources.

Through anxiety Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching you will learn the relationship between mind and body, and resolve any underlying issues. You will develop and enhance the wealth of assets and inner resources within you to build a calmer, centred, stronger and more confident self. As a result you will be better equipped to experience your life.

My support is unique

I really do understand how Being Anxious can hold you back from living a happy, fulfilled and satisfying life. During my late teens and early adult life I suffered from anxiety and turned to drink and drugs to try block it out. It held me back in my relationships, social life and work.

I decided to seek help and went on an amazing transformational journey to become calmer, confident and created the life I wanted.  Now, years later I am fully dedicated to helping you to succeed in your life. If you are ready to take your life up to the next level of calmness, fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and success I would love to support you and share my knowledge, teachings, learnings and experience.

Anxiety Coaching - Joseph Costello


What you can expect to achieve

You will…

  • Resolve the underlying issues creating your anxiety as appropriate
  • Manage anxiety quickly and effectively
  • Understand the nature of anxious thoughts
  • Create new automatic responses to situations
  • Transform your thinking patterns
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop inner resources and emotional intelligence
  • Learn breathing, relaxation and mindfulness exercises to calm the mind and body
  • Transform your life so that you fully embrace your mind and body at their greatest capacity


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