Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching for Anger Management


Do you lose your temper over small issues? Do you feel your anger is getting out of control? Is Anger impacting your life, work and relationships? It doesn’t have to be this way. Hi, my name is Joseph Costello and I’m a Hypnotherapist, NLP Life & Mind Coach helping people to resolve their issues with anger. My aim is to help you transform your anger into calmness and confidence so that you can live the live you deserve, and get the results you want.

I work with men, women and couples who suffer from a wide variety of anger issues. All my clients learn to resolve their problems and create a new way to communicate in a more loving, caring and mindful way.

Whether you are having outbursts of anger, suppressing anger, losing your temper over small issues, or projecting your anger on to other people, I am here to help.

Where Does Anger Come From?

Anger is a natural, healthy and normal human emotion, and to feel angry is okay. It’s how you respond to and express it that can lead to problems…

On-going anger from mild irritation to out-of-control intense rage can be triggered by a specific person or event. The way we deal with anger is often programed into us during our childhood. For some, anger was considered “bad” so the emotions, needs and wants driving the anger were suppressed. For others, anger was expressed daily by those around them.

Unexpressed anger can lead to many problems such as depression, relationship issues, communication problems, work issues, as well as serious physical medical problems.

Anger Management Coaching - Joseph Costello

Hypnotherapy & NLP for Anger Management

My approach to Anger Management Hypnotherapy & NLP is to provide a structured step-by-step approach to help you understand where your anger stems from, and take action to change your communication style.

My anger management treatment helps you to make long-lasting changes. You do this by training yourself how to process anger. I enable you to change your thought processes and behaviours to process and communicate in an honest, responsible, calm, healthy and balanced way.

My support is unique

I really do understand how Being Angry can hold you back from living a happy, fulfilled and satisfying life. During my late teens and early adult life I suffered from being angry and always wanting to blame others. It held me back in my relationships, social life and work.

I decided to seek help and went on an amazing transformational journey to become calmer, confident and created the life I wanted.  Now, years later I am fully dedicated to helping you to succeed in your life. If you are ready to take your life up to the next level of calmness, fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and success I would love to support you and share my knowledge, teachings, learnings and experience.

Anger Management Issues I Can Help Solve

  • Workplace anger and communication issues
  • Anger in relationships
  • Supressed anger
  • Passive aggressive behaviour
  • Childhood anger
  • Intense inner rage
  • Anger and alcohol
  • Jealousy and anger
  • Anger relating to a specific situation or person
Anger Management Coaching - Joseph Costello

The Results You Can Expect to Achieve:

You will…

  • Resolve any underlying issues causing anger
  • Change the self-beliefs that result in anger (e.g. a belief you hold that you feel things should be a certain way)
  • Learn effective communication and assertive skills
  • Develop powerful anger management coping strategies that change how you respond to, express and manage anger
  • Master conflict resolution techniques for dealing with difficult people
  • Learn mindfulness, self-hypnosis and breathing exercises
  • Improve relationships with partners, family, friends and work colleagues
  • Feel emotionally, physically and mentally calmer, more balanced and stronger

The overall result is improved relationships and emotional intelligence, as well as feeling calmer, in control and much more balanced.

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