Hypnotherapy & NLP for Cocaine Addiction


Do you feel your cocaine habit is out of control? Are you using more than you should be? Is cocaine impacting your life, work & relationships?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Joseph Costello is a Hypnotherapist, NLP Life & Mind Coach helping you to resolve your cocaine addiction to get you back on track to be the person you know you can be so you can live the life you deserve.

Facts about Cocaine

× It is a powerful stimulant with short-term effects.

You get a powerful high for a short amount of time. Perhaps you use cocaine to block out how you feel. You want to feel more focused. Or perhaps you want a quick fix to feel high and happy, and avoid life issues.

× It brings you down quickly

You feel low, and that encourages you to take more cocaine.

× It artificially stimulates your brain

You rely on cocaine to feel confidence, to feel good about yourself and to gain more focus.

× Highly addictive

The more you use the more you need. You rely on it to make you feel good or forget about life.


Cocaine Addiction - Joseph Costello

Cocaine Addiction Hypnotherapy

My Cocaine Addiction Hypnotherapy & NLP programme helps you to break free from cocaine forever. Through this comprehensive holistic programme we go straight to the core of cocaine abuse to help you stop taking cocaine. You will take the necessary steps and actions to improve and change your life. You will gain the ability to make life style choices which serve you.

I combine many modern day therapeutic approaches such as Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness. Together, we work with the mind, body and heart to support you to break free from cocaine.

My support is unique

I really do understand how Cocaine can hold you back from living a happy, fulfilled and satisfying life. During my late teens and early adult life I suffered from Cocaine dependence. It held me back in my relationships, social life and work.

I decided to seek help and went on an amazing transformational journey to become calmer, confident and created the life I wanted. Now, years later I am fully dedicated to helping you to succeed in your life. If you are ready to take your life up to the next level of calmness, fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and success I would love to support you and share my knowledge, teachings, learnings and experience.

Achievements From the Cocaine Hypnotherapy Programme

Cocaine Addiction - Joseph Costello

You will…

  • Resolve any underlying reasons connected to substance abuse (if appropriate)
  • Manage and control triggers
  • Manage thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • Make life-style choices which support you
  • Build your inner resources so you are more confident and emotionally stronger within yourself
  • Create long-lasting changes in your life, relationships and professional life
  • Break free from the effects of cocaince
  • Get your life back on track


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