Hypnotherapy & NLP for Gambling Addiction


Do you gamble? Do you feel low when you do it but can’t stop? Would you like to solve your gambling addiction?

Joseph Costello is a Hypnotherapist NLP Life & MindCoach helping you become free from your gambling problem to be the person you know you can be so you can live the life you deserve.

People work with me because they get the results they want. They break free from gambling addiction and transform their lives, relationships, work and relationship with money.

Facts about Gambling Addiction

Many gamblers lose a lot of money but why do they continue to do it? Addiction to Gambling is not just about winning money. There are many psychological factors involved.

  • The Human Nature of Taking Risks – You feel excited about taking risks. You enjoy the rush of adrenalin, the natural high and the anticipation. These feelings become addictive.
  • The Why – You may gamble to escape issues in your life, to escape boredom, or to avoid relationship issues, stress, worries or emotions. Often gambling may represent a larger problem in life.
  • Gambling Becomes an Addiction – You start to gamble for a bit of fun. It’s socially acceptable. Many gamble as a form of entertainment and life style. However, the addiction begins to take over your life with uncontrolled behaviour, strong urges and impulses, as well as obsessive and compulsive gambling thoughts.
  • Gambling Takes Over Your Life – You are in serious debt, lying to the people you love. Your energy, focus and motivation is all directed at gambling. You begin to value gambling over everything else in your life.
  • The True Cost of Gambling – You gamble even though it may mean losing everything you love – family and friends, work, home, relationships.


Gambling Addiction - Joseph Costello

Hypnotherapy & NLP Can Help You

My Gambling Hypnotherapy & NLP programme helps you to stop gambling and get your life back on track.

It’s an approach which combines hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP and mindfulness. This is one of our most comprehensive programmes as it works with the gambling addiction itself, and its underlying issues. This approach gives you the steps, focus and structure to help you to overcome gambling related and to get your career, financial situation, relationships and life back on track.

The Process We Do

My Ten Week Gambling Addiction Hypnosis & NLP programme is designed for long-term success. It’s personalised for you, your needs and requirements. We do not only focus on quitting gambling but also coaching to get your life, relationships, work and financial situation back on track.

I offer a transformational approach. It’s not for everyone. I only work with people who are committed to the process and are ready to create the changes in their life. I recognise that taking the first step may be challenging for some people, however if you are ready to do the work and create the changes you seek I am here to support and help you.

Gambling Addiction - Joseph Costello


Your Achievements with Hypnotherapy & NLP

  • Resolve – You will resolve any underlying issues associated to gambling addiction.
  • Thoughts – You will experience more clarity, calmness and focus in your thoughts.
  • Emotions – You will feel calmer, more relaxed and more in control.
  • Inner Resources – You will build your inner resources for emotional strength and control.
  • Relationship with Money – You will develop a new healthy relationship with money as your rebuild your finances.
  • Behavioural Patterns – You will develop new healthy behavioural patterns and learn how to stop the urge to gamble and gambling compulsions.
  • Rebuild Your Life – You will rebuild your life, heal relationships, and rebuild trust.
  • Control – You will develop a new level of control in your thoughts, body and behavioural patterns.
  • Stop Gambling – You will break your gambling habit, stop gambling and get your life back on track.


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