Unlock Your Creativity with Hypnotherapy & NLP


Do you want to be more creative in your life? Do you sometimes experience blocks? Wouldn’t it be nice if life was flowing and you were living your creative capabilities?

Joseph Costello is a Hypnotherapist NLP Life & Mind Coach helping you identify new ways to unlock your high creativity and become more creative, to be the person you know you can be so you can live the life you deserve.

Discover how Hypnotherapy & NLP can help you with your creative process, make you more creative and get your life back on track, getting the results you want.

Why creativity sometimes gets blocked

We are born with our own unique forms of creativity. Some creative people are artists, musicians, writers or performers. Others are creative thinkers. Sometimes, however, the flow of creativity and creative thinking gets blocked.

Creativity occurs in the right-side of our brain, the more sensitive, empathic, and intuitive part. However, we are frequently taught to process and experience the world with our left brain, the logical and analytical part. Being stressed, anxious and over-thinking also stops the creative flow.


Unlock Your Creativity - Joseph Costello

Release your Creative Blocks with Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques

I work with many people in the creative field such as writers, musicians, actors, dancers as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, directors and people who simply want to connect with their creativity on a deeper level.

At the Art of Living Hypnotherapy you will discover how to unleash your creative side and create extraordinary forms of expressions.

  • Unblock what is holding you back
  • Develop creative thinking patterns
  • Connect with your creative aspect
  • Learn how to let your creativity flow
  • Release your creativity
  • Learn breathing and relaxation exercises to connect with your creative self
  • Learn skills, exercises, meditations to live a more creative life

My support is unique

I really do understand how being blocked can hold you back from living a happy, fulfilled and satisfying life. During my late teens and early adult life I suffered from a Drink and Drugs problems. It held me back in my relationships, social life and work.

I decided to seek help and went on an amazing transformational journey and learned how to be more creative. Now, years later I am fully dedicated to helping you to succeed in your life and be creative. If you are ready to take your life up to the next level of creativity, fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and success I would love to support you and share my knowledge, teachings, learnings and experience.

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