Why NLP?


A key factor why people use NLP is in the utilisation of the unconscious to select the resources that bring about change. Through NLP the client consciously selects the resource that he will need to get to where he or she intends to be.

The pattern that bridged the way I will use NLP will be to reframe which is one of the first NLP patterns to explicitly use an involuntary signal. Signal utilisation is one of many processes I will use that enables a client to connect directly with their unconscious mind.

Unconscious processes, when properly organised and constrained, produce deep, long-term ecological changes circumventing the limitations of consciousness. When installing a new code, it corrects the design flaws of the classic code or the old programme which is causing the problem in the first place.

  1. The unconscious of the client is explicitly assigned the responsibility to select the critical elements; the desired state, the resource or new behaviours.
  2. The unconscious is explicitly involved in all critical steps.
  3. There are precise constraints placed upon the selection of new behaviours such that the new behaviours satisfy the original positive intentions of the behaviours to be changed.
  4. The manipulation occurs at the level of state and intention as opposed to the level of old behaviour.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Joseph Costello

With NLP the resource states are created directly through participation in an activity. This is often a game that itself creates a high performance state. This high performance state has neither history nor content attached. Conversely, in the Classic Codeā€¦

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