Between moderate consumption of alcohol which can even provide health benefits and dependence on it with all its negative consequences, there is ample space that accommodates unhealthy behavior patterns and habits that can gradually draw the person more and more closer to alcoholism. This can happen to a family member, a friend or yourself, and it is vital to identify the warning signs in time.

It is not easy to recognize that something is wrong, but it is necessary to deal with this problem. Fortunately, some signs identify that a person has drinking problems. More than the number of drinks that are consumed (since the physical reaction of each individual when drinking is different and may vary slightly depending on the type of alcoholic drink consumed like whiskey, vodka, wine or beer), the difference is determined by their habits concerning alcohol.

Check out some of the signs that you might be binge drinking

Tolerance to large quantities

Those who develop the habit of binge drinking become more resistant to the effects of alcohol over the years. They can drink more and more without feeling the effects on the body. The person becomes very tolerant to alcohol, needing more and more doses to be able to feel the effects of the alcoholic beverage.

Drinking becomes very important in a person’s life, which fails to do things that once pleased him to be consuming alcohol. Family, personal, and professional relationships get hampered.

If you start to realize that you have stopped participating in your family’s life or doing activities you like to drink, this should raise a warning sign.

Cannot stop

No matter how much you say you will stop or drink less, you can not control your impulses and end up drinking a lot.

Abstinence syndrome

When it begins to appear, it is a sign that the stage of addiction is at a high level and dependence on the drink is part of the organism of the individual. At this point, when the Abstinence Syndrome already exists, the person begins to have symptoms of lack of drinking like tremors, agitation, and cannot go long periods without drinking.

Realizing that you have a binge drinking problem is vital so you can then seek professional help and the necessary treatment to overcome this addiction.

One of the most effective complementary treatments for alcohol-related problems is clinical hypnotherapy because it helps the individual to discover what triggered the addiction and to tread the ways of the mind to overcome it.

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