About Joseph Costello

Joseph Costello has an amazing ability to build multi-million euro companies without any education, with an astounding and prolific style and methodology, managing to achieve financial freedom by the age of 30.

His passage wasn’t straight forward. At a young age, he went down the wrong road, took the wrong turns, and hit a dead end by struggling with depression. As the phrase goes; “The darkest hour comes before the dawn.” It was out of this crisis that Joseph trained and qualified with the best experts in Hypnotherapy, NLP Mind Coaching and Metaphysics.

Before long he became the master of his own mindset, reprogramming his mind and applying his newly learned techniques into his own businesses with great success.

Josephs obsession is business. His sixth sense and knowing what required to be done in business moment-to-moment is second to none. Joseph has already conquered the specialized transport industry, has a huge commercial property portfolio, and he is involved in one of the biggest residential regeneration development projects in Ireland. He’s also an active and successful angel investor.

Joseph brings a unique approach to coaching, speaking, transformation and obsession in the mind. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Joseph knows that he has a capacity to show every person that they can be financially free, and this message is his core focus.

For the past 15 years Joseph has worked with hundreds of people helping them and supporting them achieve their goals. This is why he is excited to offer you the best of his exclusive experience and strategies for success by helping you to become a highly successful entrepreneur and cultivating your millionaire mindset.